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ACUDE was created on October 24th 2013, our Foundation is based in the Atlantic Forest with a strong presence in Latin America. We have a 10-year track record in the development of environmental awareness activities, conservation of natural resources and promotion of good environmental practices.

We aim to raise awareness and promote good environmental practice, conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. We promote the environmental services provided by native forests and encourage a holistic approach to a new relationship with our planet.

Our Work

Biodiversity Credits

The loss of biodiversity directly impacts the economy, the Biodiversity Credits are means to preserve and regenerate the loss of species, address a multitude of threats, including permanent loss of habitat, hand in hand with local guardians of biodiversity; contribute to sustainable economic development over time.

Capacity Building

Engaging in forward-thinking events to support the mainstream of society by strengthening capacity building under Articles 11º and 12º of the Paris Agreement to address global challenges facing sustainability and recognising the key role that each sector has to play for the future of our planet earth.


Strengthening strategic alliances with global players such as IETA, an organization that represents the leading players in international carbon trading, advocating a new holistic approach to promote environmental projects that go beyond emissions reduction generating social, economic and cultural co-benefits.

to drive social and environmental integrity across market-based initiatives.

Principles & Values

Healthy Planet

We advocate holistic consciousness for ourselves and our future generations, understanding that planetary and human health are deeply interconnected. The sustainability of life on our planet is only possible through the integrity and interaction of all ecosystems and their living beings.

Climate Governance

We facilitate capacity building and local governance processes to help develop projects that meet local needs and ensure benefits for local communities. Leading engagement for positive changes in decision-making processes to respond global challenges.

Environmental Integrity

We promote the preservation and regeneration of biodiversity to sustain benefits that provides at the social, cultural and economic level. Encouraging projects based on nature and ecologically resilient to environmental changes, providing solutions to the challenges of human development.

International Cooperation

We embrace international cooperation, recognising that the regional arena is the right place to develop and implement environmental strategies and plans that ensure the necessary scalability of projects to preserve ecosystems.

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise awareness of the need to value the environmental services provided by biodiversity, to promote the sustainable use of our natural capital, and to contribute to the development of a new holistic approach to a sustainable and friendly relationship with ecosystems from an integrated human-nature perspective.

Focus Areas

Environmental Markets

Environmental Markets

From food production to technology development, the world economy depends on natural resources. Environmental Markets provide a way to incorporate environmental assets, which lead to increased investment in the preservation and regeneration of ecosystems.

Global South

Global South

Enhancing international cooperation in strategic alliances such as ZICOSUR to strengthen the voices of communities and stakeholders in the Global South as the main guardians of biodiversity and reservoir of our natural capital.

Atlantic Forest

Atlantic Forest

The Atlantic Forest ecoregion is the first largest in South America after the Amazon. It preserves a world record of 453 different tree species per hectare and is a refuge for the Jaguar. This biome is one of the most threatened on the planet. The UN places it among the 5 most important biodiversity hotspots in the world to protect.

Local Communities

Local Communities

We recognize the vital relationship and integration between culture and nature, as a living and fundamental part of the legacy of local communities, their ways of life and ancestral knowledge, which contribute to a referential framework of wisdom and good practices for a reasonable management and interdependence with natural ecosystems.



Our Foundation was selected as a beneficiary of the National call of the United Nations Development Programme made official in 2014. We were responsible for the organization of the Fair of Good Practices and Knowledge Management in the framework of the 3rd National Meeting of Free Trade Fairs and Solidarity Trade, held in Argentina on 26, 27 and 28 June 2015.



The preservation of the biological diversity of ecosystems, ecological processes and the sustainable use of natural resources, fundamental for life, food security, energy needs, health and culture.

Carbon & biodiversity credits: The role of Latin America

Patricio Lombardi, published by Illuminem

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